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Boca 45 la Mash up sambata

Sambata la Mash up Boca 45 - http://www.myspace.com/boca45 - inca un eveniment FLAMA EVENTS.

Boca 45 has released work on a number of independent labels including Hombre, Illicit, Superslick Stereo Sounds and High Noon Records before he released his debut LP on Grand Central. The 7" single 'In The City' featuring McKay released on High Noonearned him praise from Scruff, Peterson and Lamacq as well as support from Ninja Tune and Tru Thoughts. Those familiar with his work with Andy Smith as Dynamo Productions were keen to see how Boca 45 has developed his sound and 'In The City' clearly heralded his new style.

Before 'Pitch Sounds' Boca toured Australia, Europe and the US as part of Dynamo Productions, delivering dance floor shaking sets of hip-hop beats cut with classic rock and acappellas scratched over long-forgotten funk breaks. Since releasing his debut LP Boca has continued his worldwide travels but this time in his own right as Boca45. 2006 has seen his show develop into The Boca45 Experience, which features artists from his first album 'Pitch Sounds' and his second album 'Vertigo Sounds'

An international collaborator, for his second LP Boca has allied himself with Germany's Unique Records who are releasing 'Vertigo Sounds' in the UK, Europe and the US. The album displays his love for the 45's by maintaining a strong hip-hop-funk backbone but heralds a more experienced Boca sound. The album is musically ambitious and indulgent with real instrumentation, Bass from Jim Barr (Portishead) and Strings from Ben Salisbury (David Attenborough's 'Life Of Mammals'!) are seamlessly woven together by Boca's signature cut and paste style with each track containing elements of 60’s and 70‘s rock, soundtracks and soul.

'Vertigo Sounds' features strong vocal collaborations from Stepchild, (who brings his energy from The Boca45 Experience live show to the infectious 'Down To Mexico'); Kelvin Swaby, (who Boca describes as sounding "like an updated version of Curtis Mayfield’ on 'Makes No Sense'); Marc Gouvin who delivers a Gainsbourg-esque vocal on 'Crime De La Crème' and finally New York’s Emskee, whose performance on 'Meaning Of Life' challenges any from De La Soul's Pos - (circa 1987!)

"I'm trying to make beats how they might sound if they were recorded in 1968 in massive studios with real musicians" Boca45

Boca45 Discography

Gather Round (12") Hombre
In The City / Airdrums (7") High Noon Music - 2003
Pitch Sounds (CD) Grand Central/Invada Records - 2004
Pitch Sounds (2xLP) Grand Central/Invada Records - 2004
Take A Ride (12") Grand Central Records - 2004
Down To Mexico (7") Grand Central Records – 2005
Diego’s Theme (12’’) B-Block/Unique – 2006
Meaning Of Live w/remixes (12’’) B-Block/Jet Set - 2006
Vertigo Sounds (CD) B-Block/Unique/Invada/Jet Set Records – 2006
Vertigo Sounds (LP) B-Block/Unique Records - 2006


Grand Central Autumn 2004 (CD) An Echo Of Quiet & Gre... Grand Central Records - 2004
Grand Central 3 (CD) An Echo Of Quiet And G... Grand Central Records - 2004
Hard Massage (7") Praize The Nord (Boca ... Catskills Records - 2004
Rip It Up (2xLP) The Fever (Boca 45 Remix) Unique - 2005
Thunderball “Stereo Tonic” ESL America - 2006
Body Beard Brothers Boca 45 remix – Leisure Recordings UK - 2006
Tickle Junk All Stars “Resist Me” – TickleJunk Records US - 2006


Strength Of A Hundred (CD) Dirty Harry Hombre
Production: - 2000
Out For Fame! (2xLP + 7") Airdrums Hombre - 2002

DJ Mixes:

Bocaplay's his 45's mix CD 2005 Dickies
Boca's Juke box mix CD 2006 Boca
One Hour Live Mix By Boca 45 (CDr) Grand Central Records

Appears On:

Here's What's Left (12") RJD2 Two More Dead (Hundred... Altered Vibes
Tracks Appear On:
Hombre: Cut Cohession Pirate Radio Show (CD + Mixed Media) Airdrums, Untitled IDJ (International DJ Magazine)
Out For Fame! (2xLP + 7") Airdrums Hombre Hombre
Pistachio / 333 'Til Infinity (7") 333 'Til Infinity Super Slick Stereo Sound
Battlecreek III (12") Steady Rocking Illicit Recordings
Showtime Vol.3 / Analogue 1 Hour Mix CD (CD) Fonky Feet Illicit Recordings
The Document II (CD) Gather Round Illicit Recordings
The Document II (3xLP) Gather Round Illicit Recordings
Grand Central Autumn 2004 (CD) The Boca Breakdown Grand Central Records
Grand Central Summer 2004 (CD) Airdrums, In The City Grand Central Records
Illicit Recordings Present - Thelasttimeidothisfornothing (3xCD) Steady Rocking Illicit Recordings
One Hour Live Mix By Boca 45 (CDr) Intro, The Countdown, ... Grand Central Records
The New Testament Of Funk 2004 (2xLP) La Bombanera Unique
Grand Central 3 (CD) Stand Up (Geoff Barrow... Grand Central Records
Grand Central Spring 2005 (CD) Down To Mexico Grand Central Records

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