miercuri, 1 octombrie 2008

Love love love..

Zice la RAC numai de bine. Noroc cu Simona si cu Sharga caci ele is horoscopiste. Cica sa stau calma ca vine si jobul si amorul. Hihihi. Si auzi ce chestie! In weekend zice in stele sa ma urc in masina cu aparatul foto si sa plec! Iuhuu!

As October opens, you can prove that when it comes to home decorating, you can be your very own design star. Your home will be the center of your attention now, and you can make lots of progress. If you need to move, the options you will find for new spaces will be perfect - one will be just your cup of tea! If you need to find a roommate, October will bring you the right person, almost miraculously.
You'd do best, however, to make your decision AFTER October 20, not before, as Mercury will be retrograde prior to October 15 but will still be acting a bit dizzy for five additional days. It is never a good time to sign important papers while Mercury, planet of thinking and good judgment, is not fully operational.
As any artist knows, creativity begins with a clean canvas, so ruthlessly weed out clutter at home. Identify things you want to keep, and pack up those things you designate for charity. The lamp your aunt gave you and you never liked? It's time to find it a new home. The old vases you kept from floral deliveries? They're taking valuable space. The "when in doubt, throw it out" rule applies in a big way this month, thanks to Mercury retrograde in your home sector that will ask you to reconsider all your possessions.
Aim for superb organization - in your closet, drawers, and even your computer files. Find things that need repair or refinishing or tasks that have languished unfinished, for this is your time to get those old projects on track and finished. Use Mercury's "look back" energy to help you make room for new things you will add soon - things you will enjoy much more than the old items you've held on to for too long. You may want to call in the painters now too, so that your home will look great for the coming holidays. Order furniture or ask for contractor estimates now, but buy the furniture and order the contractor on or after October 20, no sooner or you'll encounter delays and problems with your order.
After you feather your nest, love will flow. Mars will be stirring the pot all month in your fifth house of romance, and with Venus there too until October 18, you've got it made. These two cosmic lovers will give you a huge advantage in matters of the heart. Although your work life will be busy, you'll be able to find the time to socialize quite a bit, too.
Outstanding weekends to plan a special night out would be October 4-5 and 9 -10, when Venus will meet with Jupiter. Later, Venus will blow a kiss to Uranus, so October 25-27 should be outstandingly sweet for love as well. Don't forget Halloween! Many people love this holiday, and this month the man or woman behind the mask at a party you attend may be your true love - Mars and Uranus will be working together to cook up great fun and a lovely surprise or two.

In regard to your career, expect some sort of huge professional development to crystallize at the full moon, October 14 plus or minus five days. Expect a major promotion, client, or new job. Pluto will be friendly to that full moon, so you can get help from an influential professional. If you need a reference, or just some good old-fashioned career advice, ask!
Amid all the activity that October will bring, you'll be able to fit in a quick road trip, perhaps to view fall foliage, or to visit a sibling or cousin. Being out of town will refresh you, and although travel has become more expensive these days, your stars suggest you need not go far to have fun. The weekends of October 4-5 and October 10-12 would be the right time to hop in the car and drive away with your suitcase and digital camera in the trunk.

Key dates:
Best romantic evenings: October 1-19, but doubly so on October 4-5, 9-10. Add too: October 25-27.
After the new moon appears, October 28, you'll get another shot at love AGAIN in the weeks to come. Lucky you!
A career development will prove to bring a powerful and important turning point on October 14, plus or minus four days.
Take a quick trip out of town: October 4-5 or October 10.
Make improvements to your living situation: all month, but particularly from October 28 onward.
Focus on reorganizing or repairing your home: October 1-20.
Order furniture and make other improvements: October 20-30.
Mercury will be retrograde; don't sign papers until on or after October 20.

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