marți, 8 decembrie 2009

Dear daddy

It is almost Christmas. Mommy, Timmy and I miss you lots and lots. I cannot even sleep. Nobody can sleep because we all miss you. I can't stop thinking about you. How big is your ship? Do you like riding on a ship? I bet it is fun. I wish I could ride on a ship. I would like it a lot and I mean a lot! I hope you bring me a present and for Timmy too. Don't forget Mom. Timmy is sick. The Doctor came to see Timmy. We bought you a present. When are you coming home? We miss you.

Dear Kate,
it's almost Christmas. I'm working a lot and this is why I'm so tired all the time..but soon it will be over and we will have all the time in the world. There are so many books dear K, you can't imagine the adventures!! You'll meet soon Winnie and Eeyore and Christoph Robin! And there is also Habarnam and doctor Pilula! And Surubel si Piulita! And the famous Doctor Aumadoare with Trage-Impinge animal:)
One day you will remember that you already know these stories! You'll see:) And the music! I know that you love the music because i saw you dancing:)
Right now mom is not ok, she is tired so let's go to sleep.
Good night. Sleep tight. Don't let the bed bugs bite!


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