duminică, 27 aprilie 2008

Easter report 1

I'm happy, happy, happy!And tired, but NOT 2 OLD for 1 day in the
mountains..We walk for hours, 3 kids with 3 sticks, we are the new
Ultimate surviver team!!Can you imagine a sunny day in Maramures
mountains?? With the wooden churches, nice people..Great food! And
Horinca!Palinca! Ah! I'm writing in "a kind of english" ' cause i've
found this brand new friend! My twin brother or..My other half
(someone JUST LIKE ME).So, please imagine that you see 2 of me -
crazy, happy, alive:)) Now i'm in bed, ill of course but Happy!! My
"age" is punishing me for what i did today. The price i must pay is 1
or 2 hours in bed, alone, resting. I'm ok. You should see my face!I'm
sooo happy! Is like i'm in love with someone, or something.
And!!Romanian secret: frate!! Eu unde merg sunt adoptata de familia
gazda, sunt un copil cuminte, alintat si mananc numa' bunatati!! La
Baia Mare am inca o prietena mama, la fel la Piatra, la fel la
Domnesti - unde am si o sora/prietena..Sunt un om binecuvantat..Si
multumesc pentru toata iubirea pe care o primesc inapoi..Sper sa-mi
treaca repede raul ca ratez asa o barfa super din bucatarie!! Paste
minunat tuturor!

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